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Quite content to coach anybody that wants to be coached (or doesn’t mid their ear being bent) V Swans Stalwart Clint ‘Deggers’ Degebrodt hasn’t slowed his step as he turns for his sixth year at the home of Pilbara Youth and Community Development the V Swans.

The list of programs Degebrodt is involved in is impressive. As the head coach of the V Swans SDFC New Horizons team, Pilbara’s Strength 2 Succeed Academy, V Swans Pilbara Representative Side, Western Australia North West program and the WA State Youth Girls one could accept that he may need a rest but he added some assistants roles as well coaching the Northern Territory Thunders 16s defenders, making guest appearances at Swan Districts 14s and 15s as well as local footy clubs and some work as a stoppage coach with the Swans Districts Women. The Pilbara Talented Athlete Program was his baby this year too.

Deggers turned 40 last November but has the same old spring in his step, we asked  him how he manages to fit all of what he does in. “The V Swans is a great home for me, my boss Nic Graves is keen on what we do as a group and particularly supportive of me, the other members of the team are awesome to work with, and we have some real talent in Tracey, Sarah, Chelsea, Bero and now Beau Mac, that’s all without mentioning the wonderful people of the Pilbara and in the New Horizons Program.” He enthused. But it seems to be his new off sider Kara 'Juddy' Donnellan that has proved to be the big invigorator. "Yes Juddy's a gun, great to work with and I draw a lot from her passion, skill and motivation. I would get none of this done if we weren't a team.”

Canvassing a suite of parents and stakeholders that were involved with him and his programs in 2015 two things came up again and again. “He does so much to give access for Pilbara kids to experience what metro kids get” and “The S2S program is developing fine young men”.

We asked him “What’s next?” and he was unusually coy. “I could be talking into most things, I think the pressing issue is making sure New Horizons and S2S are really solid as well as the other High Performance programs. I enjoyed working with the Swans Women and loved watching them play…”