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The day began with a morning circuit of a few exercises kindly put together by Mrs Kilmartin. About half of us got up the extra hour early to do it and those who did definitely felt the burn later on as the day progressed. After showers and breakfast, we made our way to St Mary’s Primary School where we teamed up with the netball students of ages 9-11 years, and taught a variety of netball skills in hopes to inspire the younger generation continue their love for sports as well as the constant urge to learn more and become better.

As the afternoon settled in we visited one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist attractions, the Auckland Skytower, and basked in the true beauty of the city’s surroundings. Being at an incredible height at over 200m, we were also able to witness a group of visitors who had taken on the challenge of the Skytower sky jump drop – it was crazy!

For an evening treat, we were given the opportunity to witness the second game of the Constellation Cup again between Australia’s Diamonds and New Zealand’s Silver Ferns. We were again blessed with another win and were lucky enough to be shown on TV representing Port Hedland on its 119th birthday, as well as passionately supporting the Australian team and showing our love for netball.      

Written by Assyafaa and Afiqah