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VSwans Blog

Our Game Day

Hedland Region October 23, 2015

We had an early start to the day with two netball games against Birkenhead College. We were all very excited to get an opportunity to play a game against a school from another country. Both games were very competitive and brought a lot of skill to the court. On this occasion the Kiwi’s got the better of the Aussie’s with both Birkenhead sides registering narrow wins.

After the game we were very lucky to have the chance to sit down and enjoy morning tea with the Birkenhead girls. We spoke about schooling our sport out of school and compared words with each other – six and fish and chips were said often!  It was a great morning and we all now have 20 more Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat friends!

We then returned back to our accommodation, had some lunch and jumped on the bus for our afternoon activity.  On the agenda this afternoon was Snowplanet. We were divided in teams for some fun team building activities in the snow.  We participated in obstacle races, sumo wrestling and tubing. Snowplanet was an amazing experience for or all the girls, the first time some of us got to see what snow and the very cold temperatures can be like.

We ended the night enjoying a lovely team dinner at the local Vietnamese restaurant.

We are having such a great time and can’t believe we only have two more days of our trip left.  Our last two days are full of activities and we know are going to fly by.


Written by Chloe and Ashlee