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The V Swans S2S Tour runs every year, and acts as an incentive trip for those young female footballers in Perth and in the Pilbara who complete the V Swans S2S Development Program throughout the year. In the past the tour has headed to Darwin, however this year we stayed in our own state and headed up the coast to Broome. A number of invitations to young girls playing the game are also offered, and this year, we sent invitations up to the Kimberley.

With many weeks that have passed since our strong group of young female athletes took the journey of a lifetime through the Kimberley, Im sure everyone has had time to reflect on the amazing 7-day tour, and appreciate everything that was learnt and experienced across those 7 days.

With 14 young talented females from Perth and 6 incredible staff members jumping on a plane from Perth and making the journey up to Broome together, meeting there another 10 incredible young ladies and 4 terrific staff members who drove the journey up from all over the Pilbara. To add to our group, we added some local knowledge and talent with 5 Kimberley girls, 4 in which live and play football in a remote community 2.5 hours out of Broome, in a community, known as - Looma.

The incredible 7 day tour, began in Broome- staying on Cable Beach, where the base of the camp would be for the 7 days -  with day trips out to do some sightseeing to The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, The Sun Picture Gardens, play some football matches, along with 2 overnight stays out at Looma Community and a beach camp up Cape Leveque Road, which were all amazing experiences and added to the excitement of the overall tour.

Thank you to all staff, mentors, coaches, Broome locals and friends and to all the participants who made the trip the amazing experience and journey that it was.

We look forward to planning our trip for next year, that hopefully may see us jet set overseas.

Watch this space, and continue to love your football!

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