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Ten Shooting Goals students from Newman had the opportunity to be part of the Shooting Goals Perth Incentive Trip on the 15-18th November. The students qualified for this trip by showing consistently good behaviour in class, being up to date with assessments, maintaining high uniform compliance in Shooting Goals classes as well as volunteering a number of hours in the Newman community, including Net, Set, Go Coaching, umpiring and work with other sporting groups.

The trip was a reward for the high standards these students have set, both at school and in the community. On the trip the students had the opportunity to be involved in a number of activities, including; ten pin bowling, a Netball WA coaching clinic at the State Netball Centre, Ultimate Roomscape, a MasterChef Challenge, and playing a game against the Aranmore Catholic College Specialist Netball Program.

Some of the many highlights of the trip included:

  • Ultimate Roomscape, where students had to work together to figure out clues and puzzles to try to escape from a themed room in under 60 minutes.
  • Seeing everyone step up and cook some amazing dishes in the Masterchef Challenge.
  • Playing against Aranmore Catholic College - They learnt a lot about how they play as a team, and how to prepare to play an unknown opponent.

We would like to congratulate the following students who won awards on the trip:

  • Isabelle Patching - for being voted best on tour by her peers.
  • Kunyanee McColl - for being awarded best on court during the netball game against Aranmore.
  • Isabelle Patching, Jessica Nalder and Miss Higgott – for being the winners of the prestigious 'Tool of the Day' awards. We would love to share what they did to win the awards, but 'what happens on tour, stays on tour'
  • Room 71 (Isabelle Patching, Kunyanee McColl, Jessica Nalder, Allie Malins and Ella Graddy) - for narrowly winning the hotly contested Masterchef Cooking Challenge!

We are very proud of the efforts and conduct of all the students who went on the trip; we received very complimentary feedback from both Netball WA and Aranmore Catholic College about how our students represented themselves, the Shooting Goals program, and Newman SHS.

I would like to thank Miss Higgott and Mr Pitchers for their help on the camp, the trip would not have gone as smoothly without their assistance.

A big thankyou to Major Partner BHP for their ongoing support of Shooting Goals Program, your support enables us to give students these memorable experiences.

For all students in the Kicking and Shooting Goals programs, the Perth Incentive trips are a reward for sustained effort and high standards. For those in the Kicking Goals Program in 2020, we look forward to next year’s trip!