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On Tuesday the 15th of September and Wednesday the 16th September, V Swans held a Hedland Incentive Trip. We would normally participate in the VSwans Hedland Cup in May, but due to COVID-19 this was cancelled, and we were keen to have an incentive trip in its place once the restrictions allowed us to.

We invited our top 20 students, based on incentive points earned, from all three of our programs. They made up 1 mixed team of Year 9/10 students and 1 mixed team of Year 7/8 students. The students represented Newman SHS and competed against Hedland Senior High School in Netball, Basketball and Football across the two days. The students also got to have a swim at Pretty Pool, enjoy pizza and a movie, hit up the South Hedland shops (and maybe some junk food!) as well as the experience of 'swagging it' in the Hedland SHS gym. 

The students qualified for this trip by showing good behaviour in all classes, being up to date with assessments, volunteering their time in the community and maintaining high uniform compliance in Kicking Goals, Shooting Goals and Shooting Hoops classes. 

On the field/court, we managed to win half of the games which was a huge effort,  given that for many was the first time they had played some of the sports competitively. The student's behaviour across the whole trip was exemplary, and really confirmed the reasons why they were selected for this trip. 

We gave out two awards for 'Best on Tour' which was voted on by staff based on the student's participation, willingness to help, leadership in bringing their team together and behaviour on the trip. We would like to congratulate the following students on being named 'Best on Tour'

 - Niesha Scott (Kicking Goals)

 - Allie Malins (Shooting Goals)


We would like to thank Mr Atto, Miss Hampel and our V Swans trainee Olivia Hughes, your efforts and input enhanced the experience for the students who went on the trip. We also need to acknowledge the awesome Hedland VSwans staff for helping us to make this excursion a reality, providing the equipment and booking the venues. We look forward to hosting you in 2021.

The trip was a resounding sucess, and we are keen to add it to our VSwans program calendar in 2021.


For more information about the VSwans programs, please contact Regional Manager Paul Pitchers on ppitchers@vswans.com.au