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Education and Training


Provide opportunities to further the education, training and the work readiness of all participants by engaging community in a way that supports individual growth, closes the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities and embraces cultural diversity. See Programs below or click on individual program tabs for full outline including the full suite of V Active Community Education and Participation Programs


V Swans in partnership with Regional Development Australia (RDA) V Swans are working with existing early years groups and programs in the Onslow region to map and gap the development opportunities for young children and their families. The partnership forms part of the West Pilbara Communities for Children Initiative. The Early Years Group aims to promote a family centred regional community which supports and nurtures the development of happy, healthy, resilient children and strengthens their families’ capacity.



JET Kids

JET Kids is a Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) program aiming to increase the physical literacy of kindergarten and pre-primary students at primary school. This program has evolved from the upper-primary program JET which is a project-based extension and support program.

JET Kids explicitly teaches children the skills which underpin all movement

  • incorporating balance
  • object-control
  • locomotive skills such as running

Studies have shown that children who are competent in FMS are more likely to engage in sports throughout their entire life and are more confident in having a go when faced with a new task or challenge.

Through the support of the JET Kids program our primary school staff have also been able to identify at-risk children, ensuring early intervention and support from Occupational Therapists and other specialists.



The JET program uses sport, movement and project-based learning concepts to encourage students in the development of their education. It supports skill development and exploration of their ideas in an active environment.

The program delivery is via the V Swans Learning Management System (LMS) and delivered using IPAD technology. Parents can track the progress of their children from home using a specific log in to work with kids from home on projects and talk about the learning process and what they have achieved in their school day. Building education links and interest between children and families

Linked to Australian Curriculum, JET aims to develop further competencies in health and physical education, personal and social capability, literacy and numeracy, and critical and creative thinking. It is offered to students in years 4 – 6, who are required to maintain attendance and positive behaviour standards to continue participating in the program.

A successful student in the JET program will be encouraged to attend school regularly through increased self-motivation and a sense of belonging; will recognise their potential to learn regardless of their perceived academic level; will be more balanced socially and emotionally through regular physical activity and the skills developed in the program; and will consequently exhibit positive behaviour in the classroom and community. It also supports transition from junior school to senior school.

With additional human resources provided to the school as part of the V Swans partnership the school will have access to greater support in Physical Education programs and the delivery of innovative theory based education via technology that engaged this generation of children.

JET can also be adapted to fit most learning environments and V Swans can support a teacher assisted learning system that can be delivered in remote schools through the V Swans online LMS system.


The Kicking Goals and Shooting Goals programs are comprehensive Sport Education Specialist Programs that link AFL football, Basketball and Netball to the Health and Physical Education Learning requirements of the WA and Australian Education curriculum.

The program also sees certificate I, II, III Vocational Education and Training (VET) outcomes to all senior students in the program through an annual progression over their high school years. In the early high school years V Swans uses a wider variety of sports to ensure balance for younger students and greater access to all students.

The program is offered to students in years 7 – 12, the students are required to maintain KPI’s based on attendance, achievement and behaviours to continue to participate and be eligible for incentives. The Program is delivered within the school timetable and our staff work daily with the teachers and principals

The program supports each school with human resources, behaviour management, student supervision and support staff for events and camps that alleviate the workload and at times shortage of teachers in these regions. Providing a vital gap in a specialised learning environment in regional and remote communities. Contributing directly to school graduation.

Participating students in years 11 and 12 will attain nationally recognised qualifications – Certificate II in Sport and Recreation and Certificate II in Sports Coaching – that contribute directly to year 12 WACE attainment, higher education opportunities and future work readiness.

V Swans partners with North Regional TAFE [RTO:52788] to deliver:

  1. SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation;
  2. SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation;
  3. SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and
  4. Certificate IV courses.

The qualifications allow the students to coach junior and youth sport, qualified to deliver basic first aid and CPR and can work in local gymnasiums or sporting associations with their certificate qualifications. It also provides support for entry level into Certificate IV courses that then leads to tertiary education entry.

The program also delivers direct benefits in community participation and local sport and recreation delivery. Our students provide umpires, coaches, committee members and long term support to the local junior and senior sports associations and leagues in Hedland, Newman, Roebourne and Onslow. Without these programs and the human resources these partnerships provide many community junior and youth sports programs would not exist.

It has provided a sustainable model for community sport and recreation which in turn support the social, health and emotional wellbeing of these communities and their families.

Priority Areas of Focus

- Increasing Indigenous and Non Indigenous Year 12 attainment

- School Attendance and Participation

- High School Student Retention

- Transition to higher level vocational training and University

- Transition through program levels by age and gender

- Transition from education to work

- Community support and participation




In the past 10 years V Swans has developed a full time Pilbara based workforce. This has had considerable impact on the growth and ongoing pastoral care of our program participants. Providing integral relationship building with community members and their families.

V Swans has had a long history in developing trainee staff having employed our first Aboriginal trainee from Tom Price to our Perth office in 2008. In 2017 V Swans employed annually 4 full time and 4 school to work Indigenous Trainees. These roles are specifically linked to the sustainability, work readiness, education and training objectives of our programs.

In the past 10 years we have provided 25 young Aboriginal past program participants with full time traineeships, with all of them going onto full time University studies or employment within the related industries.


Our V Swans Community Engagement programs, is a series of community based activities and development programs and workshops. The programs seek to support gaps in each community in terms of engagement and participation. V Swans intrinsically link our in school education programs (Kicking & Shooting Goals, JET & JET Kids) to increase the opportunities for practical community based education.

Our Community enagagement programs promote engagement between children and adults and builds the capacity of adults and other family members to support the ongoing sustainability of community events, competitions and associations. These roles are vital to the fabric of all regional towns. V Swans provide the tools for parents and children to participate together in meaningful community based activities. It also provides avenues for participants that are outside the traditional education system to become engaged back in community activities.

This forms part of our Active Education Framework and ensures our parents and families are actively involved in their children’s education and community participation.

These programs support the key priority areas of the V Swans Active Education Framework by providing:

Increased Community driven sport and recreation activities and events to improve health and encourage active communities

  • Increase in Community pride and belonging for social and emotional wellbeing
  • Provide a safe environment for young people to engage with families and other adults
  • Increase physical activity and access to sport to alleviate boredom and promote self-pride
  • Promotes self worth
  • Promote physical and mental health outcomes


  • The Hedland Reds Program (Youth aged Boys Football Program)
  • KickIT Program (Football and Recreation Activity Program for Girls and Boys aged 4 to 10 years of age)
  • Friday Night Lights (Friday Night Basketball Program for disengaged youth in Onslow)
  • Saturday Night Hoops Program for disengaged youth in Newman
  • V Swans After School Sports Programs (Community attendance based activities for children 5 to 12 years of age)
  • AFL V Swans Cup (Regional Representative competition for boys aged 14 to 16 years)
  • V Swans Pilbara Cup (Regional Representative Competition event including Football, Netball & Basketball teams from each community)