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Justice and Public Safety


Support the ongoing training, reintegration and development of those within the justice system both in corrective service facilities and regional community based order environments. Programs Include - • New Horizons (Wooroloo, Wandoo, Roebourne, Banksia Hill), Juvenile Justice Support Program, V Swans Onslow Youth Centre


Delivered at Acacia Prison and Roebourne Regional Prison.

The V Swans New Horizons Program is a personal development program that provides reintegration and pathway opportunities through Australian Football, education and employment support upon graduation to prevent recidivism and build opportunities for participants to fit back into communities.

The flexible and adaptive New Horizons Program curriculum is developed collaboratively with each corrective service facility to suit each participant and the facility’s needs. This means that V Swans can work with individuals and groups to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, ensuring participants are surrounded with opportunities and the support needed to develop skills for future sporting, education and or employment pathway opportunities upon release. The New Horizons Program runs from late November to late September and focuses on active engagement through participation in regular fitness, strength and conditioning, game and match play while developing reflective, goal setting, planning and administrative skills that enable participants to make a positive contribution to the team, facility and community.

In New Horizons’ 8 year history over 250 AFL level 1 coaches have been accredited and over 200 participants have received their Level 0 Sports Trainers first aid certificate with 12 going on to receive their level 1 Sports Trainers Accreditation. New Horizons’ participants are supported in their journey beyond the prison and are encouraged to take steps to build a positive future for themselves and their families by being offered ongoing Mentoring and support with the V Swans High Performance and Justice team after release.

V Swans also links our program graduates to employment opportunities through our organisational partnerships with the business community and ongoing training and assessments through our partnership with Ngalla Maya.

The V Swans team are passionate and driven to continue the outstanding work that New Horizons has delivered and provide the tools and support for successful connection to family, community, employment and engagement in local sport to ensure a sense of purpose once released. Sport is a microcosm for life with ‘success’ being attributable to the same behaviours and attitudes. Work hard, never give up and follow the rules being just three behaviours that will ensure success in sporting endeavours that are also transferable to all aspects of life.


Due to the remoteness of many of our community’s V Swans work with local police and regional juvenile justice and support organisations to provide access to programs that support the community hours and engagement programs that are given to young people as part of court orders.

This ensures they are supervised and providing quality community delivery as part of their community based orders. Without this support many young people may be institutionalised and removed from their community and family environments leading to greater risk of re offence and social disconnection.




Primary: To provide a safe and inclusive environment within the local community that provides opportunities to engage the youth of the region outside of school hours.

Secondary: To provide a local neighbourhood centre that support other programs for community member outside of the Youth Centre hours.

The Centre is a place that young people can meet, work on computers, socialise, play games, listen to music and interact in a space that is fully supervised. It ensures better communication opportunities between Onslow youth and community stakeholders i.e. Police, Shire, Health networks and other service providers in an environment that our young people feel safe.

The V Swans Powerhouse Youth and Community Centre program offers a unique opportunity to have resources that the young people have already built a trust in and that offer best practice programs in youth development specific to the size and type of community Onslow is.

We have the full support of Onslow Primary School and this sees the facility used during school hours for specialized classes for senior students, this breaks down another barrier to education participation by providing a specific youth learning space for high school students in the region that attend a Primary school for their education outcomes.

The V Swans Onslow Powerhouse Youth and Community Centre is a safe, friendly place where young people and families are encouraged to participate in an informal and supportive atmosphere.

Our aims:

• Improve the quality of life for young people and families living in Onslow.

• Provide a non-threatening atmosphere where community members can communicate freely.

• Provide information and resources not otherwise available in the community.

• Provide a social environment for the young people and families of Onslow.


Facility uses include:

Youth centre: Ages 10 to 17 years

Playgroup: 2 to 4 years accompanied by a parent or carer

Adult Craft: crèche provided

Yorga’s and Bubs: Carers/Mothers and babies to 18 months (Indigenous families only)

Meeting Place: Activities with Indigenous Women and men (separate meeting times)

School Holiday Activities: Running during all school holiday periods

One off events/sessions include:

• First Aid/CPR workshops

• Ear bus or other community health check-up services coming into town

• Community and School exhibitions

• Luncheons in support of events such as International Women’s Day, Pink Ribbon Day and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea etc. may also be hosted.