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East Pilbara Region


Our Key staff of this region are based in based in Newman and covering the remote community of Jigalong, Marble Bar, Nullagine, Punmu, Parnngurr and Parnpajina.

Regional Staff

  • Regional Manager: Paul Pitchers
  • Program Development officer: Brittany Ebert
  • Program Trainee: Lauren Taylor
  • Program Mentor: 

Programs in Region


  • Kicking Goals
  • Shooting Goals (Netball)
  • Shootin Hoops (Basketball)
  • V Swans Trainee Development Program

V Active

  • V Swans AFL Pilbara Cup
  • V Swans Cup (Netball/Football)
  • Kick IT
  • Mid Nine Basketball
  • VSwans Remote
  • Newman AFL Celebrity Vets Event

High Performance

  • Strength 2 Succeed (Newman Hub)
  • AFL North West Program




In 2015 the local Auskick centre could not get the volunteers to run the programs – they asked V Swans to help them deliver this vital programs to the children aged 3 to 8 in town. V Swans devised a program (V Swans Kick IT) that saw not only football delivered and parents trained to coach but also worked to ensure the program supported the local Football League with all proceeds of the program going back to the competition to continue to develop their upper pathways.

In 2015 the program saw 89 children involved in the program with 10 volunteer parent coaches directly involved and another 50 parent’s attending weekly to be involved in the program with their children



Newman Mid-Nine Basketball program is an educational basketball tournament. Using basketball as a tool to educate them through interactive workshops prior to the basketball tournament.

No Workshop, No Jump shot!

Aim: Our goal is to provide a safe environment for teenagers and to see a decrease in teenagers walking the streets on a Saturday night and subsequently a decrease in drug, alcohol and/ or criminal activity through this age group. It is delivered by V Swans in partnership with the East Pilbara Youth Engagement Partnership (PYEP). For the engagement of Youth back into education and community.

Target Audience: Year 7 to Year 12 males and females from all cultural backgrounds.

Timings: Saturday Night. 7pm-9.30pm.